Novation Music

ReMote, XioSynth & X-station

Information on Novation keyboards

Novation ReMOTE SL

picture of Novation ReMOTE SL controller picture of Novation ReMOTE SL controller Intelligent USB MIDI controller with weighted keyboard, aftertouch, touch-sensitive trigger pads and LCD screens which display control names & values. An 'Automap' function automatically maps softwynth controls to the ReMOTE SL, when using Reason 3 and Cubase SL/SX3. Available in 2, 3 & 5 octave sizes. Mains or battery powered.

Novation ReMOTE LE

picture of Novation ReMOTE LE controller picture of Novation ReMOTE LE controller Compact, low cost USB MIDI controller keyboard for the mobile computer musician. Loads of pre-installed templates. Available in 2, 3 & 5 octave sizes. Battery, USB or mains powered. Hang it off something decent looking, like a Sony Vaio laptop.

Novation X-Station

picture of X-Station synthesizer picture of X-Station synthesizer Combined 8 voice polyphonic synthesiser (from KS4/5 Novation synth), USB audio interface & MIDI controller, with an effects processor and 2 pre-amps with phantom power. Has controls plug-ins for Cubase, Logic, Sonar & Ableton Live. USB, battery or mains poweres. Available in 2, 3 & 5 octave sizes.

Novation XioSynth

XioSynth synthesizer One of a new class of combined synthesizer/controller/audio interface instruments, the XioSynth is a compact, stylish, low cost 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer complete with arpeggiator, 200 onboard patches, a new optional filter distortion and a new 'X-gator' patch programming facility. It has an ultra-low latency 2 In/2 Out audio interface (including 1 XLR input with phantom power), comes in 25 or 49-key sizes. With just the XioSynth and a decent laptop, mobile writers/performers have everything required to function.

Novation V-Station

XioSynth synthesizerSoftware synth VST plug-in version of Novation's 8-voice polyphonic K-Station analogue modelling synthesizer. The extra space allowed for by multiple views on a screen (compared to the hardware control surface) allows for more knobs and so a more intuitive interface. A key advantage over the K-Station, multitimbrality is achieved by running multiple instances of the V-Station, as many as you like till your PC runs out of horse power.

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